Frequently asked questions

What is Uketoly ?

Uketoly is an online takeaway ordering solution hosting your takeaway website. You can build your online takeaway store easily. You do not need to worry about any servers or complicated contracts. If you have your restaurant, cafe or pub, you can use our service shortly after your application.

Why choose Uketoly ?

  1. Affordable fee. The commision fee is just 5% Uketoly fee + Stripe fee per transaction, so in return you can offer exclusive discounts to your customers.
  2. Uketoly is optimised for Takeaways. It's perfect to use our service if you don't want to be rushed to prepare for your orders. You can schedule pick-up times, set aside a time to prepare and may be able to reduce overstock. We believe you can reach more customers efficiently!
  3. There are only few setting to get started. After your application, you just need to add your menu items, restaurant members, pick-up times and connect with your Stripe account for payout. It's really simple and easy!
  4. Simplified ordering page. It is important to be placed order straight away. There are NO app, NO user registration, NO extra fee required to your customers.

How does it work ?

  1. A customer place an order and pay for it online.
  2. You receive an email about the order and the order appears on Uketoly dashboard.
  3. You accept the order in order to notify the customer that you can prepare for it.
  4. You work preparing the foods and then package it for takeaway.
  5. You hand it off to the customer when the customer come to pick-up.

What does my online store look like?

Here is a YouTube video for a demo restaurant. The online store page suits either on mobile or desktop. You can choose a store name which will be used for URL (like

What do I need ?

Laptop, tablet or smartphone for manage your online store and orders. If you want to print orders out, you need a printer as well.

Any hidden fee ?

No. Our pay as you go plan charges a setup fee once and then, you can use our online store builder to create your takeaway page without any ongoing fees. Your only cost comes when you make a sale just 5% (Uketoly fee) + 1.4% + 20p (Stripe fee) per transaction. (For non-European cards, Stripe fee will be 2.9% + 20p)

Who sells my products ?

You sell your products to your customers directly. Uketoly provides you your online store.

What are the differences between Uketoly and other services ?

Uketoly provides your own takeaway website which will be mostly used by your fans and neighborhood, so we think they are good customers and troubles are unlikely to occur.
Other services may have a big marketplace therefore, it brings in new customers. But, you can encourage those customers to order directly via your website instead. You may be able to offer some discounts instead of huge commission fee.
Uketoly is just started its service and continue evolving to meet customer needs. It considerates of independent restaurant's feelings. We are always happy to hear your feedbacks. We should be flexible.

Is Uketoly online store PCI compliant ?

Yes. Uketoly is using Stripe (an integrated payment gateway). You can find out more about the security of Stripe's infrastructure here.

Is Uketoly online store GDPR compliant ?

It can be. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on 25 May 2018. If you sell any products to customers based in the EU, or have EU visitors to your site, you need to make sure your site complies with GDPR. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy.

How can I close receiving new orders for a pick-up time ?

We have two options for managing pick-up time.

  1. Flexible Deadline : You can close receiving new orders from 30 mins to 72 hours before a pick-up time.
  2. Fixed Deadline : You can close all of orders on the day at specific time. (E.g. 21:00 is a deadline for next day)

In either case, you can take future orders in a range of 1-7 days later.

Do I have any quotas ?

No. We will not give you any quotas. We will not force you to work hard. That is a part of your responsibilities. You can run at your own pace.

Can I put the URL on my website or SNS?

Of course! You can advertise the URL wherever you like.

Can I use receipt printer ?

Uketoly supports Star Micronics mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 receipt printers.